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I think you could relate it to the fact that while FIFA governs all that is soccer, there are still kids playing their own games in the streets and fields all over the world.

While the Fed looks to provide some much needed standardization to regional and national tournaments it really doesn’t seem like there will be much involvement on a local level. The Fed is getting mixed reviews. Seems that those who oppose it do so seriously and most of those who support it only do so from a tournament standpoint. St. Louis’ Lucky noted, “I support the Fed’s goals as I understand them. Organize what of polo that would benefit from organization in a representative way. Leave the rest alone.”


Cycling is autonomy, which is fantastic, but organizing cyclists is like herding cats, so instituting a bike polo federation is going to be an uphill battle. I’m for a federation if it does not become some roller derby behemoth where it becomes equal parts merchandising, fashion, rule making and sport. Unlike roller derby, polo has not come to the point where you need to be “registered” to have play approved and matches sanctioned, which I’m oh-so thankful for. On the other hand, I can see where democratic representation for each club would be of benefit, but honestly the fear of what it might turn into outweighs this. I won’t stop playing either way, but I’ll have less gray hairs if there’s no federation.
–Drew Deubner, Columbia MO