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As with any seemingly underground scene, there are participants that like things just the way they are. However, polo as a game belongs to everyone and regardless of where the game goes and what organizations take hold there will always be the local pick up game. Polo has a lot of DIY ethics involved and for a governing body to sprout up seems to rub a few people the wrong way. As well, with so many of those same go it your own personalities playing all over the globe there are more people just interested in getting in on the next pick up game. Like Doug D of New York says, “this is sort of a lawless game, a lot like the real polo from centuries ago.”

Polo is growing, that’s easily seen. Where it is going or how it will get there is anyone’s guess. One of my favorite takes on future possibilities was by Seattle’s Matt Messenger, “I have big dreams about it. I would like to see it trickle down into all age groups. Maybe get as big as little league baseball. Bike polo offers a lot of skills to learn. Balance, speed, control, team-work, finesse and hand/eye coordination. How to build a bike and recycle materials used as equipment. It’s a very green sport in fact. I would like to see families to travel by bike to their kid’s bike polo game night. Family polo night!” Indeed. This is an aspect I can really appreciate in having kids myself. Having a 9-year-old who loves to play bike polo is something very eye opening as to where this sport could go.

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Anything that brings more competition. I like knowing what the rules or limits are and then pushing right up to those. The last thing I would want though is bike polo with a whistle. The sport draws a certain brand of cyclist who respects the ‘basketball foul’ as an inherent part of the game and play always continues. I say push for the organization of a potential NationalBikePoloLeague (NBPL) but keep it the under-above-ground game we all love.
–Charlie Pucket, Cleveland OH