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Table of Contents

ON THE COVER: Johnny Tarr goes underground—literally. Read all about it on page 32.

CONTENTS: “Farewell,” self-portrait by Jerry Hazard -

6 - Editor’s Statement
Brad Quartuccio

8 - Publisher’s Statement
Jeff Guerrero

10 - I Love Riding in the City
A special all-women edition.

32 - Going Underground
Johnny Tarr
One man, one bike and countless sewer drains.

38 - Residue
Roger Lootine

40 - Gallery
The world as seen through the eyes of urban cyclists.

46 - Road Racing Doesn’t Suck
Ted King-Smith
Think you’re fast? Try some crit racing on for size.

52 - Starting A Local Advocacy Organization
David Hoffman
Part one in a series of articles that give you the tools to make a change in your community.

56 - Bikes, Bands & Burritos!
Jim V.
The best thing to do in Baltimore since the Colts moved to Indy.

58 - Critical Mass Point/Counterpoint
Joe Reed & Brad Quartuccio

60 - The Six-Day Bicycle Races
Brad Quartuccio

62 - Bikes on Film
Jeff Guerrero

66 - The Armchair Advocate
Jeff Guerrero

68 - Doing SXSW By Bicycle
Kelly McCord

70 - Technical Gubbins
David Munson, Chris Palidino & Brad Q
How to make your own double toe straps & properly wrap bar tape.

78 - No Exit
Andy Singer