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Table of Contents

ON THE COVER: Photo montage by Jeff Guerrero

CONTENTS: Music and merrymaking in Savannah, Georgia. Photo by Joshua Siebert

6 - Editor’s Statement
Brad Quartuccio

8 - Publisher’s Statement
Jeff Guerrero

10 - I Love Riding in the City
Readers share their tales of urban cycling.

28 - 24 Hours of Bike!Bike!
Ted King-Smith
A participant’s report from the conference.

30 - Click, Click, Clique
Seth Werkheiser
Manhattan’s Ezra Caldwell shares his love of bicycling and photography.

34 - Into the Arena
Julian Birch
Can our mate talk himself into the gladiatorial arena that is London’s city streets?

38 - Gallery
Reader-submitted photography.

44 - The Truth About Track Bike Geometry
Don Walker
An opinionated framebuilder spouts off.

50 - The Organic Urban Cyclist
Kelly McCord
There are many types of riders in the city, which one are you?

52 - Don’t Kiss an Elephant on the Lips Today
Johnny Cumlately
The highs and lows of boozin’ and cruisin’.

58 - Starting a Local Advocacy Organization Part II
David Hoffman
What it means to operate as a non-profit.

62 - Love Affairs
Andy White
Like the love of a good woman, cycling is impossible for the author to leave behind.

64 - Technical Gubbins
Brad Quartuccio, Joe McManus & Kurt Morrison
How to tension a singlespeed chain, why bells are cool, a cheap theft deterrent and tool-free tire removal made easy.

70 - No Exit
Andy Singer